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Interactive Whiteboard solution

Производител: PeopleLink
Код на продукта: PD-PCU-PPS-WBS

Цена: 1,249.00 лв.

Seamless Interactivity

PeopleLink WBS (Whiteboard Solution) connected to your projector will turn your regular whiteboard into a fully featured interactive whiteboard. You can take notes, annotate PowerPoint presentations, and turn any surface into a fully functional Interactive board.

Multiuser Experience

Multiuser option for interactive collaboration includes the ability for more than one person to use the Interactive overlay for applications. Enables a real time collaborative learning environment for the students.

Unmatched Learning Experience

PeopleLink WBS helps hold audience attention and increases participation, enhancing the overall learning and information sharing experience.

Intuitive & Easy Flow Stylus

PeopleLink WBS comes with long lasting battery run stylus making it easy to take notes, draw and annotate.

Portable Design

PeopleLink WBS is lightweight and portable, features a foldable design, for its ease to mount on the projector for easy installation.

Signal Receiver:
Movement Detection Tech. : Infrared
Active Area (Max Projection Size) : 90 inch diagonal
Active Area (Horizontal Angle) : +/-30 degrees
Active Area (Vertical Angle) : 0-120 degrees
Calibration Technology : Infrared Positioning
Active Distance from projection : 0.8-2m
Connectivity Interface : 1 x USB Cable (connection distance up to 24 m)
Power Requirement : 4.5 DC 9 W (from USB port)
Power Consumption : 1.5W
Weight : 72g
Magic Pen:
Movement Detection Tech. : LED light
Voltage : 5V
Electric quantity : 400 mAh
Pen Body Dimension : 17cm (length)
Weight : 43g
Projection Size (Distance between Receiver and Projection Surface)
Long Focus
80 inch : 197cm
100 inch : 2.38m
120 inch : 350cm
150inch : 372cm
Short Focus
80 inch : 105cm
100 inch : 140m
120 inch : 178cm
150inch : 195cm
Support Level : PeopleLink 1year warranty with direct support
Order Information:  
Product Name : PeopleLink White Board Solution
Part Number : PD-PCU-PPS-WBS
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