IPN Headsets launches new headset series


A sneak preview of the W9xx wireless and H8xx wired series can be found below. Please click on the products for the product information on our website.

IPN W9xx Wireless headset
The W9xx range of IPN Headsets brings a new standard to wireless communication with state-of-the-art design and improved performances. The headsets offer a range of 400m. / 1300ft. for intensive use in and around the workstation.

The IPN W9xx range comes in three variants which can all be charged in the universal headset base. The headsets bring your telephony systems together, enabling you to take calls from your desk phone and softphone.

IPN W970 Over-the-ear                              IPN W980 Monaural                    IPN W985 Binaural

  IPN W970                                                  IPN W980                                               IPN W985
Over-the-ear                                                Monaural                                                 Binaural

IPN H8xx Wired headset
The IPN H800 and IPN H850 headsets are superbly suited to both the office and call centre environments. The combination of supreme comfort and lightweight, make the IPN H800 and the IPN H850 comfortable to wear all day.

The standard featured noise cancelling microphone will ensure that your clients hear your advisors properly and not the background chatter. The IPN H800 and IPN H850 headsets are equipped with a unique compatibility configuration system which makes your headset compatible with nearly all telephone handsets and headset accessories.

      IPN H800 Monaural                                IPN H850 Binaural

                 IPN H800                                                      IPN H850
                 Monaural                                                       Binaural